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Get your websites built on the best CMS in the world- WordPress. According to statistics, 40% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress. There are several reasons for choosing WP to get the website built. With WP, managing the website is as easy as ABC.

With Custom WordPress website design, you can manage websites even if you don’t have the technical knowledge regarding programming, HTML and CSS. Choosing Technorica as your wordpress website developer will allow you to have a supreme digital presence. Apart from working on wordpress web design and development, our team also remains focused on developing strategic insights for sales people. This is done to help them interact with customers in a smarter, and more effective manner. Our CRM & Sales Enablement helps businesses optimize their lead generation and sales, subsequently. 

How will a website impact your business?

Having a website isn’t just about digital presence. With a dedicated website you come closer to your target audience, clients and customers. Following information becomes available to businesses that own a website:

Why should you invest in a website?

Data shows that more than 60% of the world population has access to the internet. Businesses that wish to grow should now work towards a solid online presence to get more customers. More traffic is the first step to getting potential leads and incremental profits.

Moreover, you know whose taking an interest in your website. The internet is a vast world with all sorts of people browsing it. The website will allow you to gather data of the people who frequent your website. That way, you’ll know who your potential audience is.

Having a website will be beneficial in so many aspects. In terms of management, communication, acquiring new leads, sales, and even marketing. If you aren’t on the internet, your discoverability is always limited. With a website to compliment your business, even the sky won’t be a limit.


Access to Data

Businesses with a website can see who visits their site. What kind of audience their content is attracting. Not only this, you can also see how interested people were in reading your content.

This data provides valueable insights as to how to retain visitors’ attention. With this information you can eventually convert eyeballs into profitable leads!

This will also allow you to create ‘audience-centric’ data so that you attract more and more of your target audience- A luxury that’s available to businesses that own a website.

Evolving a business and making profits

When you get to know the likings of your audience you get a pathway to evolve. The data gathered from analytic tools on the website help you understand your audience better. This will help you in:


Making website more friendly so users interact better.


Creating better points of interaction for your audience


Developing landing pages that converts visitors to profitable clients


Growing your consumer base and venturing into new markets


Monitor the data live and make necessary changes to tailor the best experience for your audience.

Businesses that have websites get a clear advantage over their competitors. They get access to priceless information which serves as gateway to growth and profitable business.

Why should you choose Technorica as Your Custom WordPress Website Desgin Company ?

Not every website is equally developed. Moreover, not every website makes an impact on the viewers. In fact, poorly optimized websites might not ever get discovered, let alone get leads and improve profitability.

With Technorica, you are in the hands of safe developers. Our industry veterans know and understand the dynamics of creating optimized websites that rank. Creating websites that the Google Crawler likes are essential. We understand our clients’ requirements and then fuse them with Google’s guidelines to develop outstanding websites.

To sum it up nicely, if you want a custom wordpress website that grows your business and makes you discoverable on the internet, then you should choose Technorica. Any Custom WordPress Design Services Agency might do the job for you, but we know what it takes to be the best.

Make People Aware that you exist

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of the right marketing. They pay riveting attention to product development. However, even the best products need to be communicated to the right audience.

Getting a website that matches your brand’s identity helps you reach your target audience. Awareness is the first step to becoming a successful business. It doesn’t really matter if you offer the best products or services in the world. If your target audience does not know about you, they just won’t come to you.

Choosing a professional WordPress Design Agency or a reputable SEO company in Houston, is crucial to getting a successful website. At Technorica, we have the champions of the field that’ll give you the website you deserve. Moreover, we are well aware of the elements that’ll push your ranking to the higher side on the Google Search Engine.

A higher ranking combined with an outstanding user experience is the perfect recipe to grow your business. Guess what? With Technorica, you will have Custom WordPress Designers working for your website. We are result-driven, and you’ll see for yourself why choosing us will be the best decision you make.

Our Strategy

One thing that makes us different from all other WordPress Web Design Companies is our way of working. We do not work with the one size fits all model. We believe that every client is different and devise different strategies for each of them.

That is what helps us achieve success with all of our clients. We layout a concrete road map that’ll help us achieve the targets that our clients desire. Whether their motive is to achieve improved sales numbers, or get better visibility online, or even if they just wish to revamp the user experience.

We understand their aims and goals and then craft a strategy that’ll best serve the purpose.

Each of our clients is special to us, and we strategize accordingly. That’s the reason we stand tall amongst all the other WordPress Design Services Agencies.

Here’s a 4-step guide to help you understand our work process better:


Understand the requirements:

Each client has a different intent for getting a website. Our primary step is to understand what our clients desire so we can deliver the best results.


Layout a plan:

Once we understand the requirements, our team sits down to develop a customized strategy to help our clients with their goals.



Planning is just half the job. The real value lies in the execution of the plan. Our veterans are best equipped with the knowledge and tools to execute the planned strategy for each client. Exceptional execution is our secret sauce!



Once everything is done, we make the transfer. After our client is satisfied with the work, they take over the website. If our clients wish to retain us for maintenance of the website, we are happy to help them in any way possible

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