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More than 455 million websites are built on WordPress. From business standpoints, approximately 409 million people view 20 billion WordPress pages each month. A big visitor (aka. customer) chunk into WordPress? That’s where WordPress SEO comes in. 

With a dedicated, 360-degree organic campaign aimed at optimizing your WP site for on-page, off-page and technical search engine conventions, you are only a step far from your dream business metrics and transformative growth.

The Turning Point for Your WordPress Website

Considering the hype WordPress is currently receiving and that highly reputable companies like CNN and Shopify are also powered by WordPress, there is no better time than now to polish the SEO of one’s website. Whether it’s an online magazine, a travel blog, an online course platform, a business branding portfolio or fully-functional online retail store, WP has a lot for every business. 

According to research, WordPress is ideal for businesses because you can optimize it for search engines and make it super responsive for mobile screens – a device where most searches take place 24*7. It is more than a Content Management System. Most importantly, WordPress has multiple plugins that let you perform different marketing activities. There are third-party, yet economic plug-ins for measuring site performance, for improving traffic, for collecting data, for lead generation and so on. 

Most WordPress themes have readymade landing pages and dedicated blog sections. All business owners have to do is toggle some drop-down menus, update relevant and valuable content regularly and watch their business scale on a digital platform. 

Here is how we skyrocket target traffic with our WordPress SEO

With right WordPress SEO consultants by your side, you can attract masses of traffic from your ideal audience, beat your competitors with right keyword placement, make your brand a household name, get featured on high authority platforms and all in all, make the most of your digital marketing efforts to boost your leads and conversion rates. And one right keyword, one right placement, and one right backlink can do it all! 

"Initially I thought marketing would be a support group and while I hire core members I realised we need a go-to -market plan and a strategy to follow. Without someone like you, it was impossible to tie marketing operations with company's growth"​
- Tommy Rivers, Co-Founder Tech Startup

Technorica’s WordPress Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Technorica divides its local, Shopify, WordPress and traditional website SEO strategy in 4 parts. These parts aim to evaluate, recommend, implement, monitor and control the performance on search engines. 

Comprehensive Website Audit

WordPress website audit is a thorough assessment of the current health status of the website. This audit starts with analysis of on-page experience and includes page loading speed, working of folds, schemas, sitemaps, responsiveness of CTAs. The second part of the audit covers the website’s performance on Google. This part covers the current keyword performance, indexing, ranking and authority of website. The audit report also contains keywords that were historically ranking for the website but may have lost due to content shortage, seasonal changes in search volumes or competitors’ campaigns.   

The audit report is followed by a detailed action plan which covers pointers on how to improve the page experience. The later part of the action plan covers the SEO goals for a 3-month, 6-month and 1-year period, along with the keyword and backlink profiles

The implementation of action plan starts right after the clients’ approval. Our WordPress SEO’s implementation part is usually divided into three traditional sets of activities: on-page, off-page and technical SEO. During the implementation phase, we aim to establish and boost your website’s authority in its niche market, and forward the narrative of your brand as transparently as you had envisioned. 

While we closely track the performance of keywords and custom SEO efforts in practice, we turn in regular performance reports to keep your website’s health as transparent as you’d like. At Technorica, we make use of premium turnkey SEO tools and come up with our next roadmap right when we reflect on the performance

Work With the Best WordPress SEO Company

When you choose to work with Technorica, you are not only hiring a WordPress SEO consultant – but an A-team of professionals who are more than eager to skyrocket the target traffic of your website. 

Firstly, Technorica is a full-cycle, integrated digital marketing agency that doesn’t take chances on quality. We stay dedicated and committed at all levels of contracts. As much as we are committed, we are transparent and our clients’ information and data are saved with us. We endorse that through a Non-Disclosure Agreement – this means your website’s SEO statistics, insights and strategies remain fully custom and aren’t shared! 

Our WordPress SEO efforts work in diverse directions. While we work with important keywords, we also alter the design, development, maintenance and updates on websites to keep it future-proof.

Success Story

From chaos to clarity

Revamping digital marketing operations and marketing – sales alignment 

Industry: Pharma Technology | Segment: B2B SAAS  

Pain points: Lead generation, CRM cleanup, Events exposure, SEO

500% increase in sales ready leads

708% increase in webinars registrations

Updated 89% data within Hubspot

Top search ranking for competitive pages

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Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress SEO

Yes, WordPress sites rank well when they target right keywords, create backlinks and compete on industry-relevant keyphrases. With these, you are suggested to regularly monitor the page experience on WordPress to reduce bounce rates. 

Yes, you can perform WooCommerce SEO techniques to boost the traffic and leads on your online store. Before starting with SEO, make sure to research relevant product keywords, assess the performance of your product pages and optimize product and service images. 

WordPress SEO is almost similar to traditional SEO. The campaign is divided into on-page, off-page and technical SEO. The consultant or the strategist works on keyword research, placement, backlink generation, ranking, indexation and crawling of webpages.