Virtual CMO Services

On-demand C-level Marketing for Startups to Growing Businesses

Regardless of the type, size or success score, every brand needs directed efforts in marketing. That’s only possible with a centralized marketing department – and that often depends on the CMO. 

A CMO is the Chief Marketing Officer responsible for establishing the overall vision and brand narrative internally and externally. These CMOs are also the right members to synchronize the functions of their sales and marketing teams. This position requires keeping the right pulse on industry movements and a strong determination to become the industry leader. 

But CMO services are often associated with expansive budgets – and that shouldn’t be the case. 

To help startups overcome their marketing budget constraint, Technorica empowers them with their dedicated virtual CMOs.

Typically we work with startups to provide one window solution right from working on the strategy and aligning best suited human resources in copywriting, SEO, design and marketing execution

It’s hard to believe. But, that’s the most common pain point we come across from founders / high level executives. We start we working on the current reporting structure and aligned it with your expectation from marketing. To achieve attribution, it’s of utmost importance to figure out existing sales process and calculate MQL to SQL ratio. The process starts with generating quality MQLs to them the right fit for converting into SQLs. 

We’d love to be your backend support in providing marketing services to your customers through your brand. We ensure strict compliance with the contract and level of quality. Also, we take great care of your customers’ data and follow stringent data protection and privacy

The role of CMO is increasingly complex, using a virtual or fractional CMO comes with abilities to think broadly and having tactical skill set to perform in multiple areas. Using a virtual CMO can provide upgrade in experiences, capabilities and cost effectiveness.

How does a Virtual CMO benefit your business?

CMOs synchronize the functions of different marketing departments including brand management, social media and community, public relations, content marketing, employer branding and search engine optimization. They establish long-term and short-term marketing goals unit or company-wide. And, create effective holistic strategies to put these goals into actions.  

"Initially I thought marketing would be a support group and while I hire core members I realised we need a go-to -market plan and a strategy to follow. Without someone like you, it was impossible to tie marketing operations with company's growth"​
- Tommy Rivers, Co-Founder Tech Startup
Options for Hiring Virtual CMOs

Technorica offers 3 different hiring models to suit your budget and fit your business requirements. 

Contract with a C-level marketing officer with 15+ years of experience in promotions and digital marketing. 

Hire a dedicated marketing team and grow your in-house marketing operations without allocating physical office space. 

Outsource your overall digital marketing operations and watch your brand grow like an enterprise-grade organization.

How Technorica’s Virtual CMO Services work?

There are two success factors at Technorica – our people and our processes. And we do the same when offering our virtual CMO services.

Brand managers
Media designers
Social media managers
Community builders
PR specialists
Employer branding specialists
Content marketers
SEO consultants
This works as a 1 on 1 growth consultancy session. We look into the current health of a brand’s marketing operations, compare stats to industry averages and understand the client expectations from our marketing teams. Competitor analysis and market research are important parts of this stage.
Based on the insights researched in the last stage, a fully-functional marketing strategy is created with 5 different heads. Areas of improvement are identified and action roadmaps are created.
Once the client approves the proposed marketing plans, it’s time to implement them and bring your marketing efforts to success.
Monitoring, evaluation and control
This is the reporting stage that takes place weekly, monthly and quarterly depending on the goals. Actual results are compared to target statistics and gaps are identified.

Success Story

From chaos to clarity

Revamping digital marketing operations and marketing – sales alignment 

Industry: Pharma Technology | Segment: B2B SAAS  

Pain points: Lead generation, CRM cleanup, Events exposure, Organic ranking

500% increase in sales ready leads

708% increase in webinars registrations

Updated 89% data within Hubspot

Top search ranking for competitive pages