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Given the extremely tough competition that we are seeing nowadays, standing out means presenting something that goes beyond the generic designs and basic features elements. The online business market is already nearing $1 trillion, and that potential can only be captured by those who do things smartly and consider hiring a Shopify SEO agency. From the Shopify Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, the effort you need to make gets much more focused where the goal is to align the elements and tools offered by Shopify with what Google and other search engines are looking for so that more traffic can be generated.

Experience A Highly Personalized SEO Experience For Your Store

Our vast experience has led us to the conclusion that Shopify SEO is not something that can be done in a modular fashion. We cannot expect to provide the same solution to every store and see good results every time. Each client and store are unique, and the solution we provide them must also be the same.

This approach has allowed us to successfully navigate the growth process for countless clients over the years. Our experts have spent years honing their Shopify skills and they know all the technical challenges that a business may face when aligning itself with Google’s SEO requirements. That makes them extremely capable of developing effective strategies that address any shortcomings or differences that may be identified at any point, making your store optimized and better than any of your competition out there.

"Initially I thought marketing would be a support group and while I hire core members I realised we need a go-to -market plan and a strategy to follow. Without someone like you, it was impossible to tie marketing operations with company's growth"​
- Tommy Rivers, Co-Founder Tech Startup

Nothing is left to chance

As an SEO services provider, we also take pride in being a reliable and praised Shopify SEO company that businesses trust to not only revamp their websites, but also deliver quantifiable results that they can use to measure their business success.Well, the fact is that your concerns are well-placed and need to be addressed immediately. Search engines, especially Google is now giving a lot of importance to the local value of any business trying to make it online. To make this happen, they have created an entirely new platform called local SEO which focuses on the physical location of a business and information related to that. The more useful information you can provide, the more optimized your business would be considered. This would mean adding localized keywords, content, extensions, links, and other information to your website. A good local search engine optimization service like ours can guide you through the process and add everything you need in your website to make it optimized for local SEO.

Page Optimization for Relevance

The first and most obvious step that a good Shopify SEO consultant like us would take for you is overhaul your entire website for relevant traffic. We go through every single page of your online store and try to optimize the use of keywords that are relevant and have the highest chance of conversion. This information can be present in any part of the page’s content, and we will comb through every single element in detail to make sure we do not miss anything. If there is irrelevant keyword data being used, then we will also remove that from the page to reduce bounce backs and other factors that could affect your conversion rates negatively.

Internal Backlinks for Products

A successful business owner never settles on only selling the thing that the customer asked for. Instead, they would always try to move their attention to other relevant things that they think the customer may be interested in buying. The same philosophy applies to Shopify as well where you have the option of offering customers more products that may be relevant to their current purchase. Using this feature correctly is quite a challenge if you are not an SEO expert. Determining the client’s needs and mindset, and then coming up with a strategy that provides backlinks to products that are relevant and have a high chance of being sold is what a professional Shopify SEO services agency is here to do.

Increased Relevant Traffic Through Keyword Placement

The more people you manage to bring to your website, the more word will get out about your services. However, the people coming need to be looking for exactly what you are offering. If you can build upon that then you are sure to succeed as an online business. Our experts can help you find the right keywords and place them strategically so that you can generate maximum relevant traffic and attract potential customers

Effective Link Building Exercise

A great way of increasing any store’s visibility is to have them linked on websites that have a high authority rating and are valued by the search engine. We help you gain visibility through that avenue by creating strategic partnerships that can lead to your store getting recognized with a high conversion rate from visitors, thereby providing a good return on investment (ROI)

Success Story

From chaos to clarity

Revamping digital marketing operations and marketing – sales alignment 

Industry: Pharma Technology | Segment: B2B SAAS  

Pain points: Lead generation, CRM cleanup, Events exposure, SEO

500% increase in sales ready leads

708% increase in webinars registrations

Updated 89% data within Hubspot

Top search ranking for competitive pages

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