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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a set of processes and practices that aim at improving the way a website’s content looks and is ranked by search engines against specific keywords. These keywords are decided by the owner of the site and the goal is to match them with what their potential visitors and customers would write when looking for their website on search engines like Google. This is called organic search and it is the most prominent method of bringing traffic to your website. It leads to a long-term impact which improves the visibility of your website on the internet and basically makes it more popular. If you do not know how to do it yourself, you can also search online using the phrase ‘SEO company near me’ to find a service provider like us.

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  3. We have a global clientele that spans across a wide range of industries and is constantly growing. We serve both B2B and B2C clients, thereby expanding our reach significantly.
  4. Highly flexible approach which allows us to fit the requirements of each client completely, providing them with a highly personalized and tailored experience.
  5. Keen focus on ethical responsibility towards each client and towards following all the SEO rules. We are strongly against the use of any SEO malpractices to reach client goal
"Initially I thought marketing would be a support group and while I hire core members I realised we need a go-to -market plan and a strategy to follow. Without someone like you, it was impossible to tie marketing operations with company's growth"​
- Tommy Rivers, Co-Founder Tech Startup

Why is Local SEO Important?

The real question you must be aching to ask is about the importance of local SEO and why it is so important. You must have heard people talk about it or maybe you researched it online and now you are all worried if your site is fully optimized. That probably led you to search for local SEO company near me, eventually bringing you here.
Well, the fact is that your concerns are well-placed and need to be addressed immediately. Search engines, especially Google is now giving a lot of importance to the local value of any business trying to make it online. To make this happen, they have created an entirely new platform called local SEO which focuses on the physical location of a business and information related to that. The more useful information you can provide, the more optimized your business would be considered. This would mean adding localized keywords, content, extensions, links, and other information to your website. A good local search engine optimization service like ours can guide you through the process and add everything you need in your website to make it optimized for local SEO.

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How Does SEO Implementation Match with Local Marketing?

We take a strategic approach in providing local search engine optimization services to generate the right results. Our practices affect your local marketing through the following means:

NAPs are a key focus for search engines and any local SEO agency with even a little experience would know its importance. Making sure that your NAP citations are correct everywhere on the internet will generate consistency which will positively affect your ranking.

It is basic human nature to check for others’ opinion about unknown things and Google also recognizes that. That is why having good reviews is extremely important. Our local SEO service team will create maximum accounts for your business on top review sites, so people have a place to voice their opinions about your business. Your good service quality would be recognized and will lead to more and more customers.

This small requirement is often overlooked by businesses and has a huge impact on the way your business is shown on Google search. Adding this information correctly and getting it verified is also a part of the services we provide.

This is a great method of increasing your visibility by providing potential visitors with key information about your business including but not limited to phone number, location, even metrics like reviews. We ensure a seamless incorporation of these extensions so you can enjoy the lowest possible bounce rate.

Backlinks that can lead to your website are a great way of increasing both reach and authority of your website. We help you publish content on local news and other websites where people would be likely to reach out to you for your services when they read about it.

What Process Does Our Local SEO Marketing Company Follow?

To meet our clients’ unique needs, we have come up with an extensive and logical approach that tends to cover every aspect of the process while ensuring best results through local search engine optimization services.

Our in-depth analysis software helps us identify the keywords that would work best against your specific content and services type. Your content is then analyzed to draw differences and identify improvement areas.
Schema Incorporation
We add code specific to your website that helps search engine bots give your better relevance rating against your keywords so you can reach more relevant users. It basically gives your content meaning from a technical perspective.
Platform Adaptability
Being responsive and adaptive is crucial for any website these days as people are viewing it from at least four different types of devices with different presentation and dimension requirements. We make sure that your website can adapt to that requirement seamlessly.
Adding Local Content
The more locally relevant things you can add to your website, the more visitors you will manage to attract. We help you do that by incorporating local news and informative content that can attract viewers to your website in larger numbers.
Content Optimization
Missing crucial information can mean a visitor comes to your website for the first and the last time. Things like location, hours, products and services details, etc. are all covered under this, and we help make sure you are not missing anything.
Landing Page Localization
For businesses with multiple locations, we can also incorporate localized keywords for each location along with relevant supporting keywords for optimized recognition through online searches.

Success Story

From chaos to clarity

Revamping digital marketing operations and marketing – sales alignment 

Industry: Pharma Technology | Segment: B2B SAAS  

Pain points: Lead generation, CRM cleanup, Events exposure, SEO

500% increase in sales ready leads

708% increase in webinars registrations

Updated 89% data within Hubspot

Top search ranking for competitive pages

SEO Package Pricing

All packages comes with: Planning and research document, Monthly reporting, Competitive analysis, No long term contract, No hidden fee, Cancel any time


Average Cost

$ 250 Month

Startups and sole business owners looking to be found on google search - especially for local prospects

Small Business

Average Cost

$ 500 - 700 Month

Small business looking to upgrade their search engine marketing, increasing search traffic and rank on competitive keywords

Large Business

Average Cost

$ $1000+ Month

Large business in need of a constant growth through search rankings, ideal for clients competing with large established brands

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