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10X your Business with 360 Degree Growth Marketing
With 90% of product and service searches starting on the internet, businesses have to place their periodic growth goals and digital marketing needs on the front-runner. Don’t have a growth marketing plan yet?
Technorica is a full-service marketing agency specializing in growth consultancy as well as dedicated content production, Search Engine Optimization, social media, branding, paid campaigns and PR activities.

Growth Marketing Is the Future!

Marketing plays a primary role in the success of any online and brick-and-mortar business. Digital marketing is the first step to lead generation and conversion increment. Instead of looking at marketing, leads, sales, and engagement as separate parts of the puzzle, growth marketing focuses on the bigger picture and identifies areas that affect one another and especially – which of these areas require short and long-term efforts.

Businesses have to keep a pulse of their industry insights, beat their competitors and engage their audience on the go – this is exactly what ensures growth

This growth, specifically, doesn’t come in a single go – it is a cycle that starts with relevant traffic and reconnects on conversion rate optimization. During this process, growth marketing consultants have to ensure their digital marketing, branding and physical promotional goals are well-structured, aligned and interest and multiple level

Here is what Growth Marketing Agencies do!

Technorica makes all of this possible with its strategic growth marketing plan tailor-made for every unique business, all diverse niches and every different region.

"Initially I thought marketing would be a support group and while I hire core members I realised we need a go-to -market plan and a strategy to follow. Without someone like you, it was impossible to tie marketing operations with company's growth"​
- Tommy Rivers, Co-Founder Tech Startup

Goals of Technorica’s Growth Marketing Strategy

These goals are translated into timelines depending on the current success levels of the business, focus areas and resources. 

Short-term growth marketing goals

The short-term goals are more geared towards social media, and search engine traffic. 

With small to medium sized businesses, Technorica’s growth marketing consultants have the practice of achieving these short-term goals in 6 – 8 months. For enterprise-grade organizations, Technorica usually only takes a quarter with a month extra for reflection!

Long-term growth marketing goals

Long-term goals are geared towards improvement of lead count and conversion and skyrocket business sales over time. 

All in all, growth marketing is an advanced version of integrated digital marketing campaigns including timely A/B testing, valuable content, optimized paid traffic, email marketing, account management and so on. 

Growth Marketing Process

360-degree growth marketing is a strategic, comprehensive process with a potential to boost a business 10 times in a predetermined target time – with the right plan being implemented by the right personnel. Here is how we carry growth marketing processes at Technorica

Custom Business Success Audit

While this is the first step, this is also the most important one for creating the overall roadmap for future activities. This business audit looks transparently at the current state of business marketing efforts, resources, directions and the ROI. Then the relationship of these four factors is derived and the potential is compared to industry leaders and competitors. Speaking in technical terms, growth marketing consultants perform an audit to closely look at the organic traffic statistics, their sources, results of historical paid marketing efforts and their overall push on the lead to conversion ratio. 

Focus Areas and Recommendations

The audit is followed by a comprehensive report outlining which specific areas need most attention and improvement. Identified areas are then divided into high-urgency and low-urgency areas. Based on these, a recommendation report for the business head is created. This report suggests measures for optimizing conversion, growing traffic and leads, timelines and frequency of specific growth marketing activities. 

Implementation of Action Plan

After entrepreneur’s approval, our project managers add solid timelines to recommendations and turn it into a fully-functional action plan with SMART goals. These activities are quantized and their impacts can be measured via different success metrics.

These activities are tracked and regularly monitored throughout the process period. Also, the results are measured on month on month, quarter on quarter and year on year

Success Story

From chaos to clarity

Revamping digital marketing operations and marketing – sales alignment 

Industry: Pharma Technology | Segment: B2B SAAS  

Pain points: Lead generation, CRM cleanup, Events exposure, SEO

500% increase in sales ready leads

708% increase in webinars registrations

Updated 89% data within Hubspot

Top search ranking for competitive pages

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Frequently Asked Questions from Technorica about Growth Marketing Agencies

Growth marketing agency is an integrated marketing company with dedicated SEO, content producers, PR professionals and paid media analysts. Partnering with a growth marketing agency can help skyrocket businesses in online and physical realms. 

Yes, growth marketing consultants perform 360-degree website audits starting from page experience to page indexing to traffic to scheme generation. You can hire a growth marketer to implement modern white hat SEO strategies on your website.