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If you’re looking for an Houston SEO Company, then you’ve come to the right place. Technorica can help you boost your website at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Our team of professional SEO experts will help drive your business forward with the intent of success. To get excellent website SEO services in houston tx, you need a team that actually understands the work happening in the Google search engine behind the curtains.

Apart from working and enhancing your WordPress web design, we can also help your website attract traffic and push your growth forward. Our agenda is to provide services that rank your website at the very top of SERP. When we come on board with your project, we don’t make empty promises. Our clients are provided with a step-by-step analysis, strategy, and future plan for their website that we design separately for each client. Unlike other SEO marketing companies in the industry, we don’t walk on a written path every time. Instead, we believe in making different tailor-made strategies and plans for each website.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO has become a necessary tool to optimize your business to reach the top level. When a user puts a basic keyword in the Google search engine, they would rather rank on the first page of the results, because how often do you go to the second page? The answer is: almost never. This is why it is very important for your business to be visible to users and customers. A Search Engine Optimization Agency helps your business become prominent and visible. The strategy behind SEO doesn’t just rely on keywords anymore. There are a lot of moving parts that all combine to form a singular SEO strategy, and help bring the brand image forward.

Why Choose Technorica as Your Houston SEO Company?

We’re often asked by clients why they should choose us and not another company. The SEO industry is vastly saturated, with companies around the globe providing services in multiple countries through their digital presence. The ease of online communications has enhanced professional SEO agencies to work across borders without having to place a physical office. This has severely populated the market with competitors lining up to take someone else’s chunk for their own.

In comes Technorica. In a market as densely populated as the SEO industry, we provide services to our clients with a clear goal in mind; We’d love to work with you long-term. Short-term SEO success may fascinate clients with quick results. However, we understand and firmly believe that SEO has to be a long-term battle. Quick results can accelerate initial success, but success needs to be consistent. For our clients to remain winners, they need to stay at the top consistently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As one of the leading inbound marketing agencies in Houston, Technorica understands this perspective. This is why we devise a long-term strategy for our clients that makes a website truly successful on SERP, and not only for a short time.


The Marketing Perspective

A lot of new business owners spend too little on marketing and brand strategies. This is why a lot of new businesses that cannot back their finances for a long time, close very quickly. However, it is truly important to understand that marketing is the backbone of your business. It is the primary source of food that your business relies on, to stay healthy and alive. SEO is a part of marketing that your brand requires. The two top fizzy drinks companies in the world are household names. Every house has ONE purchase per week. Even if you don’t see an advertisement or commercial about them for the next 6 months, you’ll still be consuming their products. So why do these companies spend millions of dollars on marketing when everyone is already used to them? That’s because they understand how important marketing is. It keeps your brand visible and relevant.

Once you’ve grasped the concept of marketing is crucial to your business, SEO and its strategies already come with it. To develop a strong SEO strategy, you need to understand the basics, as well as the weekly and monthly upgrades and updates that Google brings to its algorithm. Before choosing a definitive SEO expert agency for your work, ask them this:

“How well-versed are you with the latest Google counter algorithms?”. At Technorica, we assure you that we work with the latest and top-quality Google programs, and develop amazing strategies that help our clients achieve their goals.

Houston Local Seo Services

To devise a detailed and structured strategy, and to provide long-term success, you need a team of Houston SEO experts who know their job. What happens behind the scenes in the Google algorithm, and how to tackle it to achieve results is all part of an SEO expert’s job. Here’s a 6-step guide on how our SEO team works:


Keyword Analysis

Our SEO team will determine the keywords that suit your business, and the ones that your competitors are targeting. Technorica will create this data and send it to you for approval.


Keyword Assignment

Once you approve the keywords that we form, we assign them to your pages accordingly. Important keywords will determine which web pages on your website will attract the most traffic. This is one of the most critical steps of the SEO process.

Keyword Infusion

Once the keywords are assigned to selected pages on your website, our team will work on strategies to help infuse these keywords on those pages. This can be done through keyword infusion in content by various techniques and designs.

SEO Content Upload

Once we have your SEO-built content ready, we will upload it on respective web pages accordingly.


Internal Link Building

In this process, our team will help create links between your web pages so that your users can easily navigate between them and land on the information they require.


Advanced SEO And External Link Building

External link building helps divert user traffic from other websites onto your web pages. This requires skills and strategy so that you may rank on top of your competitors.

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