Search Engine Optimization Vs. Pay Per Click: Which One Is Better?

Search Engine Optimization Vs. Pay Per Click: Which One Is Better?

Are you thinking of making strategies to increase the traffic on your website but don’t know which strategy is the best for you? Well, you are not the first one. Businesses around the globe often find it challenging to make a perfect strategy that involves SEO and PPC in order to deliver the ideal marketing ROI. 

Let’s dive into this blog and know more about SEO vs PPC. After reading this blog, you will have a basic idea of which strategy is better for you. 

SEO: Pros & Cons 

SEO refers to tactics and strategies you use to make your website appear on the top of the search engine’s listing. A well-planned SEO can help your website rank higher in the search results. 

When a user searches for something in Google, it is the job of Google to serve the relevant, trusted, and valuable pages related to that search. As an SEO expert, you must ensure that your content appears on the top of Google’s listing for those queries. In short, you want to make sure that the user clicks on your website and says, “This is what I was looking for.”


  • Highly Profitable 

If done well, SEO can become the most profitable marketing tool for your company. As per statistics, SEO strategy is more profitable than PPC. As per 2020’s Forrester Consulting Study, a well-planned SEO enhances an essential business metric: Customer Lifetime Value (CAC). 

  • Highly Scalable 

It doesn’t matter whether your website has a hundred or thousand pages. SEO remains highly scalable. For instance, well-optimized structures of URLs will prove beneficial for your web pages. 

  • Long-Term Returns

Once your webpage is optimized correctly via SEO, your business will benefit not just today but over a long time. Good organic visibility on the search engine remains for months and years, and it allows the increment of ROI. 


  • Time Consuming 

As we know, good things always take time. The same is the case with SEO. The time it takes depends upon the strength of your website’s domain and the strategy you make. However, in most cases, SEO generally takes about six months to show the results finally. 

PPC: Pros & Cons

SEO is the process of achieving the top position in the search engine organically. On the other hand, Pay Per Click is the process of being at the top while paying for it. PPC marketing is an auction. No one can guarantee when your ads will appear. In this strategy, the level of control is different from SEO. 

Know that PPC is data-driven. Hence, a PPC expert needs to track the performance of a website like a hawk. This means one needs to refine keywords, messaging, and ad group strategy and work hard to maximize the conversion rates and minimize the average CPC (Cost Per Click).


  • Immediate Results 

Although it takes time to complete the initial research and start a new ad group or campaign, once things start to flow, you will get the results immediately. 

  • Audience Targeting 

If you want to target a specific audience of a specific geographic location, PPC is the right strategy. With PPC, you will be able to share special ads in special locations and show different ads on different locations simultaneously. 


  • No Money, No Results

Unlike SEO, PPC is paid. So, you will keep getting the traffic, and your ads will be shown to the public as long as you keep paying. Once you stop paying, everything goes in vain. 

Some Useful Stats

  • Research has shown that organic listings capture 64% of all clicks. Paid ads merely get 6% of clicks. 
  • According to HubSpot, 80% of users ignore PPC ads. 
  • According to WordStream, the average CTR for Pay-per-Click ads for industries is 3.17%. 
  • According to Advanced Web Ranking, in April 2019, for 2,547,868 keywords of 47,781 websites, the average organic CTR was 77.2%. 

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