Search Engine Optimization: The Ultimate Checklist For E-Commerce Businesses

Search Engine Optimization: The Ultimate Checklist For E-Commerce Businesses

One of the top sources of e-commerce traffic are search engines. According to recent statistics, almost 40% of the traffic n your e-commerce business comes from search engines. This is why, along with multiple digital marketing strategies, you also need to employ SEO. With the help of the right SEO strategies, your e-commerce business is more likely to rank higher on google. This will ultimately result in free and organic traffic on the website.

So what makes an SEO strategy effective? We have listed down some factors that will help you understand what it means to have an optimized website.

Verify Crawlability

First and foremost, the search engines need to be able to crawl through your website. This factor is extremely necessary because if the search engine fails to crawl one or more pages on your e-commerce business, those pages won’t be ranked.

A way you can verify that is by using Goggle’s and Bing’s URL inspection tools. You can find this tool provided to you by Google on the Search Console, and Bing’s tool can be found in Bing Webmaster Tools. These URL inspection tools will help you test your website page for any crawling errors. From there, you can find local SEO services in Houston who will fix those errors for you. 

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are a type of content available on your website that gives a detailed description of each product available on your website. They have the ability to significantly affect the ranking of your e-commerce business on Google. Short and generic product descriptions are often discouraged, as they negatively impact your Google ranking. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have long and unique product descriptions. This will encourage search engines to assign a higher ranking to your product pages. Long descriptions have more text, giving search engines more content to crawl and rank.

Optimize Images

Image optimization is another essential part of an e-commerce business’s SEO. Whether your website has a thousand images or a hundred, you should always take time to optimize them. The reason for this is that well-optimized images load faster and help Google identify the most relevant keywords on your website. All of this goes to ensure that the search ranking of your e-commerce business remains high at all times. 

Image optimization requires you to follow some steps. 

  • Crop and resize the image according to the dimensions
  • Add descriptive text attribute tag
  • Use a relevant file name
  • Save it in the right format
  • Compress in order to minimize bloat

Manage Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to a part of the text appearing on multiple pages on the same website. This needs proper managing because search engines only use unique content as a ranking factor. When the same content repeatedly appears on multiple pages, the search engine will only rank the original one and leave the rest out.

While duplicate content is a common occurrence on many websites, it is prevalent in e-commerce businesses. For example, products are often published under different categories and search filtering pages, which gives you the freedom to use the same content for a particular product under different categories. However, by doing that, you will fail to properly optimize your website, as it results in duplication of content.

Measure Core Web Vitals

Always remember to measure your e-commerce business’s Core Web Vitals. Google announced its plans to upgrade the ranking algorithm with more focus on user experience signals. These signals, known as Core Web Vitals, reflect how easy or hard using your website can be for the user. 

Google has set three metrics for Core Web Vitals, including Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift. You can measure these metrics using PageSpeed Insight Service of Google in order to ensure that your website fulfills them and has a high ranking.     

Technorica is an SEO Company in Houston that offers multiple inbound marketing strategies for emerging e-commerce businesses. We make sure that your website is properly optimized so that it can rank higher on Google searches. 

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