How To Track Your Content Marketing Campaign

How To Track Your Content Marketing Campaign

Many businesses are beginning to understand the importance of effective content marketing. It drives organic traffic, brings in potential customers, and overall establishes your company as the best in the industry. However, you still want to make sure that these efforts are making a difference in the profits you are earning. If the blog you are posting isn’t being received and read by your targeted audience, the effort is in vain.

Fortunately, we are here to help ensure that the traffic on your website is being converted into business for you. We at technorica provide our clients with local Houston SEO services that will make sure that their website not only ranks on search engines but also helps them grow their business. 

We will tell you about some metrics that will show you if your content marketing campaign is a success or not.

Google Analytics

Most SEO service providers, including Technorica, mainly use Google Analytics to track a company’s digital footprint. It will be a go-to guide to judge all the metrics we will talk about accurately.

It is first important to first understand how Google Analytics works. This guide always assumes that you are distributing your content on various platforms. And why wouldn’t you? It is the single most important step to ensuring that your content is getting the maximum traffic it can. 

There are multiple ways you can distribute your content. The first is through boosting your post on different social media platforms. You can also send out an alert for your post through an email newsletter and, of course, pay for its distribution on the Google Display network. 

Once you have distributed using the right channels, now Google Analytics can be used to see how effective the efforts were.

Here is how we measure that.

Website Volume

Google Analytics shows you accurate insights into how many users visited your website during a set amount of time. This way, you can focus your search on a time you distributed your blog post. The insights will show you how successful your distribution and the blog post have been. You would be able to notice a spike if you distributed your blog through proper channels.

When you hire an inbound marketing agency to handle and track your SEO, you will definitely see the difference in your site’s performance then and now. We at Technorica make sure that your website always experiences that spike whenever a new blog is posted. This goes to ensure that those users ultimately become your customers.


 A conversion is anything that qualifies as an action a user took when they visited your website. Those actions can be anything, including clicking on more than one page, filling out a form, inputting their email for the newsletter, or even filling out a form.  

Conversions are what differentiates an average user from a user who actually takes time to interact with your website. It shows that a user was engaged and took action when they went on your website. 

You may be questioning how website content can generate conversions. Well, most blog posts have reference links to read more content or to a contact page. So clicking on these links can count as conversion as well. Plus, you can tailor the things that users take action on according to your business and blogging. This way, you can get accurate insight into your users and how they interact with your content.

Then there are assisted conversions, which technically refers to content having an indirect link to an action carried out by the user. For example, a user reads your blog but doesn’t take any action and simply leaves. Most of the time, that is not considered a loss because the blog may have helped in deepening a connection with that user. So when they come across your website again, they would trust you enough to buy your product or service. 

This way, even though the blog on your website wasn’t directly linked to the purchase of a product, it was an essential step to build the trust of a user so that they believe in your company and make that purchase.

Now, if you are looking for an SEO company in Houston to take over all your inbound marketing needs, contact Technorica. We will make sure that all of your website’s content is highly optimized to get users on your website who will eventually turn into customers.

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