How Does Website Design Impact you seo

How Does Website Design Impact Your Site’s SEO?

What Is Website Design UI And UX?

UI and UX of a website design indicate how a website actually looks and how it feels when users use it. The UI (User Interface) is what one sees on their computer or phone screen when they go on your website, while UX (User Experience) is how the site’s features allow users to interact with it. 

It is important to understand that a website is not all about colors or images. How fast the pages load, how easy it is for a user to find information, and overall satisfaction when a user interacts with your site, are all equally important

Why Is Quality Design Of A Site Important?

The reputation of your company and how people perceive your brand are largely impacted by the design of your website. It also defines the user experience because it determines how they interact with the content that is available on your website.

Poor website design can result in poor user experience, which is why it is vital to hire professionals who know what they are doing when designing a website. Fortunately, Technorica is here for you. We offer inbound marketing services in Houston for SEO, web design, along with many other things. All you need to know is that hiring us would mean that you will have professional web designers who will make sure you have a website worth visiting.  

Websites are specifically designed to make sure their SEO is being boosted and they are ranking high in search engines. Professional digital marketing agencies and SEO experts utilize keywords in the content and metadata to ensure search engines find the website in question easily. This will allow more and more users to visit your website through relevant keyword searches and will ultimately boost its performance.

Here are some elements that decide if your website design is SEO-friendly or not.

Elements That Make Or Break A Website Design For SEO Success

Responsive Design

A website with a responsive design is extremely important. It is a way to ensure your website is adapting to the changing world of technology. Whether a user is visiting your website from a mobile phone or laptop, they should get the same unobstructed and uninterrupted web design. A responsive design is not an option but a requirement for all websites out there, as Google also ranks a website based on how it is designed, among other things. 

So it is vital that your website is flexible and responsive to any device, which means every little thing should be carefully thought out, including screen size, orientation, and browser. Your website users should have the same amazing experience on a mobile phone as they do on a laptop or PC.  

Optimized Content-Length

The optimal word count for an average web page should be around 300. This is mainly because users usually move on after reading 300 words, especially if they don’t receive value from the content. 

Similarly, a page with less than 100 words is considered too short, and a page that has a word count of over 700 is way too long on average. So if you are adding optimized web content on your website, try to keep a word count of 300 at most. 

Additionally, a recent study has found that shorter blog posts tend to get more social shares compared to longer ones. 

Get Links From Different Credible Sites

Sites that have high domain authority have the ability to attract users to your site. Such sites are considered to be credible and are popular among many users. 

There are many ways you can go about getting a link from these sites. One way is through bookmarking your page on their site. This will allow them to find your bookmark and link to it when they want. Another way is by proposing guest posts. By doing this, you are basically telling them that you want them to share your posts on their website. This will help you significantly increase traffic on your website, hence improving your business.

All in all, the best way to enhance your online business is through implementing SEO strategies and ranking organically. 

So get in touch with us and hire the expertise of the best growth marketing agency in Houston. We at Technorica will make sure your web design is one without any flaws and is fulfilling all SEO elements.

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