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Graphics are the face of your business that possess the ability of captivating a potential customer. Whether it’s your website, stationery or any social media page, attractive graphics ensure a more extended stay of the visitor. The chances of your service or product being sold are elevated. In contrast, if the visuals are not eye-catching, they would fail to entice the possible consumer. Technorica ensures the best graphics and presents its services in various graphic designing domains, including logo design, brochures, brand identity document, and corporate deck.

Logo design:

What do you think is a vital feature of a perfect logo design? We believe that a logo must be exclusive to your business only, and this is what the designers at Technorica aim for. Along with providing you the best quality, the experts use their imagination and dig out the best ideas for your logo to steal the limelight. Though it is not an easy job to come up with unique yet appealing and gorgeous logo designs altogether, our designers excel at it.

How do we do it?

We understand the three primary purposes that a logo must serve.

  • It must represent your brand precisely.
  • Should be compelling enough to tell the customers that your product is the best for them
  • Most importantly, it should make people remember your brand.

From extracting the ideas of the imaginative minds to generating a logo on the Adobe Illustrator, and later sending a high definition vector file to the client, Technorica makes the process effortless for you. You just have to express your thoughts, and converting them into reality is our job!


Brochure design:

A brochure can be called a smart brand ambassador for your business. Why smart? Because it costs less yet continues to market your product as long as you want.

A well-crafted brochure can be among the most impactful marketing tools your business offers, as it presents as a resume for your business. With all the necessary details in it, the brochure speaks for you where you can’t!

Creating a professional and persuasive brochure requires a lot of effort and carefulness. A poorly designed brochure can appallingly depict your business and affect your product’s or service’s reputation.

While considering Technorica for brochure designing, you do not have to worry about design and quality. The graphic experts provide you what they are best at, and they are undoubtedly best at designing professional bi-fold and tri-fold brochures.

You might not have put a lot of thought into the fold of the brochure while thinking for one, but let us tell you it does make a difference! Yes, bi-fold and tri-fold brochures help to express your brand in different ways, and when the professionals are at your service, select whatever you want.

Brand Identity document:

If you are more invested in your business, than only getting a custom logo or brochure made, brand identity document can be an excellent tool to boost your sales. Brand identity guidelines are an excellent medium to display your brand, as Lucidpress mentions that consistently presented brands have 3 – 4 times more visibility than inconsistent ones.

Technorica understands the value of your money and recommends developing brand identity documents or guidelines to ensure the protection of your logos, brochures, and other brand elements. And how do we promise that? Let’s tell you.

  • We set up a goal for your brand identity document.
  • We define and decide the users (Employees, advertising agencies or any others)
  • Select the best suitable format
  • Next, we determine the contents of the brand identity document according to your preference, including Logo usage, typography, photography, color schemes, brand story, voice, etc.
  • Any particular usage policies and rules are defined in context to the elements.
  • All the information and directions are assembled properly

Corporate deck:

The deck has evolved as a vital part of business deals over the years. However, we are not talking about a deck of cards, instead a deck of slides to present to your clients. Though the deck does not offer a king or a queen, yet you can surely ace your business deal with an impressive presentation.

You might be sure that your business marketing can be carried out profoundly with the three domains of marketing and designing, but that’s not enough! Marketing experts have always emphasized on the significance of an eloquent presentation.

Many think that creating a corporate deck is as simple as one of those presentations in college; it is not so! While presenting your business to a potential customer or investor, you need to make sure that your business module is being depicted in the most easy-to-comprehend and brief style for the client.

What do we offer?

  • A professional and engaging presentation format
  • Customized theme to match your brands color portfolio
  • Pre-styled charts for your convenience
  • Guidance for your team to create magnetic slideshows