Facts About Wordpress

Facts About WordPress You Didn’t Know

WordPress is one of the best and the most common open-source management platform used by millions for website development and management. The system is written in PHP, and it is paired with MariaDB or MySQL database. The platform offers numerous features, including a template system and plugin architecture. 

In this blog, we will talk about some interesting facts about WordPress that you didn’t know. So, let’s start. 

WordPress Is Older Than You Think

The platform was first released on May 27, 2003. Hence, WordPress is older than some of the giant social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It was founded by Matt Mullenweg, Mike Little, and others. The system is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX. 

The Name Of The Platform – WordPress

Did you ever think about where the name WordPress come out? It wasn’t the idea of Matt Mullenweg or any other co-founder, but it was first suggested by Christine Selleck Termoulet, a close friend of Matt and a prolific blogger. 

PowerHouse For 27% Of All Websites & Holder Of 76.4% Of CMS Market Share

As per a web survey, WordPress acts as the powerhouse for almost 27% of all websites. This number is enormous as there are trillions of websites on the World Wide Web. This makes WordPress the largest open-source platform for website development. Also, the platform dominates with 76.4% of the market share for content management software usage. 

It Is Free

WordPress operates under the GNU GPL license. This helps anyone around the globe to simply download and use it. The source code of WordPress is widely and freely available for everyone to use, study, modify, and build upon. 

WordPress Is Not Owned By Any Organization

To make sure that WordPress remains free and open-source, the co-founder Matt Mullenweg established the WordPress Foundation. The foundation now owns the WordPress trademark, and it protects the freedom allowed by the platform’s open source license. 

Another interesting fact is that WordPress doesn’t have any CEO. The platform is managed and run by developers around the globe. Anyone can submit bug reports, suggest features etc. 

It Powers A Multi-Billion Dollar Economy

Being the powerhouse of about 27% of websites, it is no surprise that WordPress is the backbone of a multi-billion dollar industry. Numerous companies and developers around the globe sell products, solutions, and services based on WordPress. It is the best platform for entrepreneurs, developers, and designers to start their business using WordPress. 

1.48 Billion Plugin Downloads

In 2016, the number of downloads for WordPress plugins crossed 1.48 billion. This is 48% more than the number in 2015. These number shows how powerful this platform is and how reliable it is for users. 

Governments Around The Globe Use WordPress

It may surprise you, but yes, governments worldwide, including federal and state governments of United States Of America, use WordPress for their websites. This proves the reliability, durability, and transparency of this platform. 

Over 50,000 Free Plugins

Plugins act as applications for your website. Currently, WordPress allows more than 50,000 plugins for free. This means you can create a custom wordpress website design by using some of these great plugins. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add a contact form or create an online store. WordPress has free plugins for almost everything. 

Availability of 68+ Languages

WordPress downloads for non-English versions were more than the English counterpart in 2014. After 2014, WordPress allowed users to install languages packs from the admin area. In 2016, WordPress introduced a plugin that would allow users on websites to switch between languages. 

Having said that, WordPress offers more than 68 different languages. Plus, it has plugins to partially translate a dozen more languages. So, you can create a website with your native language using WordPress. 

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