Custom WordPress themes

Custom WordPress themes: Benefits for Businesses

It is an excellent option if you prefer to develop a custom WordPress website design for a new or an existing website.

Having a website is not enough these days. In uncertain situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, you must update your business website regularly. This way, you will provide your visitors with accurate information and encourage them to buy your products or hire your services. Therefore, your website must be well designed and user-friendly. People stop interacting with a website if they are not attracted. So, the content is king!

Here, you will learn why companies should choose this way to capture the mind of potential customers.

Why should you prefer a custom WordPress theme?

Look at the key benefits of custom theme development.


Usually, the main goal of a company with an online presence is to sell more. So, adding all the features that a user would like is the preferred approach of the majority. Ultimately, this approach will add more bloat while slowing down a website. However, preferring a custom WordPress theme will only add the features you need. This results in more speed with less code and less bloat.

Exclusive design

You could place the most exciting and informative blogs, products, and services. However, using a ready-made theme will make your website similar to a clone of thousands of other websites. With a custom WordPress theme, you will have a unique design, setting you apart from the crowd.

Limit the use of WordPress plugins

You can customize most of the functionality you want from a plugin, meaning that you can add them to the theme. This way, you will make your website less reliant on third-party plugins. Therefore, quick loading will be a significant feature of your website. Remember that you cannot add all plugin functionality through a custom theme, as it depends on the functionality you want.

Optimized for SEO

There is no additional source code in a custom WordPress theme. Therefore, it is very simple. You don’t have to customize the layouts, and you can use proper HTML tags (such as h1, h2, and h3). In addition, the requirement for fewer plugins will also add an extra advantage to SEO compatibility, as a crucial ranking factor is speed.

Adaptable and compatible with mobile devices

We are living in a digital era where more and more people have smart mobile phone devices to access the Internet. Therefore, it is essential your website adapts to meet the needs and wants of those customers. The web designer and developer will make your website mobile-friendly with a custom WordPress website design theme.

More scalable

What does affect the aspect of a website’s scalability is the unnecessary code and unwanted features. A scalable website can handle an increase in users and load very well without disrupting end-users’ activities. A custom WordPress design will scale the website better because it will only have the features you want.

High security

Maintaining high security and high performance are two outstanding features of a custom WordPress theme. If any design flaw arises after launch, a competent designer can fix it quickly without disrupting your website performance.

Conversion optimization

Creating a custom theme is beneficial, as it enables you to create any layout you want. If you have a WordPress-oriented e-commerce website, having the ‘buy’ button in a fairly different position can significantly affect your ability to convert visitors into buyers. If you prefer others designs instead of a WordPress theme, you will lose control over where your buy button goes. It means you will lose your potential sales.

When creating a website based on a custom WordPress design, you should find a reliable and expert WordPress development agency. However, you don’t need to look anywhere else because Technorica is your companion, and we have the best solutions for your website. A web design company in Houston will have a proper approach to the WordPress website design process. High-performance, reliability, and scalability are guaranteed!

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