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Living in 2021, the emerging technology and the need to cope up with the changing trends is not a hidden fact. Just like any other industry, the software industry is also observing revolutions at new peaks. In an era where more than 4.7 billion people worldwide use the internet and 3.5 billion people own a mobile phone, mobile applications have made their way into the digital world.

Technorica not only aims to provide better accessibility and reliability to your customers by providing an intuitive and highly functional application for your mobile phone. Instead, we aspire to expand your availability to smart gears and TVs too. The team of app development specialists and maestros excels in providing the best apps for your convenience and demands.




Android app development

According to a report, the world had 2.5 billion active Android users in 2019. These statistics show that around one-third population of the world is using android phones in their routine to make their lives comfortable in different ways. If you are willing to reach more people to sell your product, the vitality of the android users in this regard is unquestionable.

The app developers at Technorica vigilantly record the customers’ demands and ensure the delivery of promising results. The world of application development has grown and reached heights that include domains that include

Android mobile app development

Android mobile app development is done with utmost precision to provide you with a well-responsive website that works exceptionally well on your Android phone. It is made sure that the user experiences no glitches, and a trouble-free experience is provided.

Android smart TV app development

The advances in the digital industry have made it possible for the TVs to be smart too, after the smartphone. Technorica app development experts are well-resourced with all the smart TV app development skills for android to help you enjoy the wholesome experience on a wider screen.

Android smart gear app development

We understand the developing needs of the changing world, and that is why we offer one-stop solution to all your android app requirements. Projecting to deliver useful applications for your business, experts at the US leading software house Technorica present their expertise in app development for smart gear such as smartwatches, etc.


iOS app development

A massive number of total mobile phone users are iOS users globally. In contrast to android, iOS systems and phones have their own software and application needs to stand out among others. Though developing an iOS application requires proficiency and command over the knowledge, the experienced developers at Technorica are tech-savvy with iOS app development.

iPhone/ iOS mobile app development

State of the art yet modern iOS mobile applications are the specialty of our seasoned developers who have been in the business for years.  From listening to the outlook, you need for the app to make sure to deliver exceptionally easy to use and user-friendly websites, Technorica iOS app development experts give their best work. Understanding the need for detailing and acuity that goes into iOS mobile app development makes it possible for our tech team to create the best responsive mobile applications for you.

iPad app development

iPad is an extensively sold and used product of iOS, with over 350 million iPads around the globe. The device offers user compatibility and ease and the designed apps for the iPad do not show glitches of functionality problems. These features make them highly favorable and to be handled by experts only. Technorica is glad to have competent iPad app development gurus that are profound in their skill and qualification to create unmatchable iPad applications.

Apple watch app development

Not a very old addition to the iOS family, the apple watch is quite a favorite among the iPhone users. Many people seem to restrict their lives around the apple watch to avoid reaching out to their phone frequently. The addition of more options and features to the apple watch has made it befitting for those looking to get things done faster. If you are looking for an application to add value to any such product, our experts are only a call away!


Technorica app development services

Technorica has a vast range of mobile and other portable device application development options. Looking forward to benefiting you with the perfect and impeccable, Technorica app development professionals offer

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps
  • Game apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Entertainment apps

“Transforming your imagination into reality” (customized) apps too!

How do we work?

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  2. Planning
  3. UI/ UX
  4. Development
  5. Testing
  6. Deployment
  7. Maintenance and support