About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Technorica has become a growing market developer for businesses around the world. The current age and time we exist in, depends solely and completely on digital marketing, cyber footprints, and online presence. To bring your business to the forefront of the industry and audience that you’re targeting, Technorica is the solution you’re looking for. Our dedication to our work and our clients, helps us stay one step ahead of the competition, and stop at nothing less than excellence.

What started out as a startup helping other startups build their online marketing stronghold, has now developed into a company with its foundations placed globally. Our huge clientele from different continents in the world is proof of our success working for multiple industries and sectors. We like to believe that what sets us apart from our competition, is that what we do is our passion. Digital marketing, branding, graphics and illustrations design, and marketing campaigns are done all around the world, by hundreds of thousands of companies and firms. However, hardly anyone does it with passion. Passion is the fuel to long-term success, and we have stayed determined to stay on that track.

When we take a client on-board at Technorica, we take on responsibility at the same time. Your brand becomes our brand. That’s how we help our clients reach the success that they’ve outlined to us, and exceed it as well. Because we believe that your success, and your business breaking barriers, is our success and accomplishment. We involve Technorica as part of your business, so that we may grow together, forward and upwards.

How Are We Different?

Most firms and companies in the same line of work as us, work for the money and profits. While that is important as well, we believe that money attached with passion and determination multiplies your success several folds. The team we work with at Technorica, has taken months to gather. We hire experts and professionals on the two criterias that matter: skills and determination. Both these factors are equally important, and are directly linked to the success of our clients.

Everyone at Technorica helps bring in ideas, brain fuel, and plans to run a successful marketing campaign and strategy.

Why Technorica?

We’ve been asked multiple times why we ever decided to step into an industry that is already saturated. That answer is simple; to help the small guy. Small businesses, start-ups, companies and services open up around the world every year. But how many of these continue to grow into big businesses over the years? And why do they not become a success story to be featured in a business magazine? That’s because no one wants to help out the small guy. Everyone wants to work for the big names, to have a fancy portfolio and to work for money rather than passion.

The aim to start Technorica was to bring out the canons for the small businesses, and help them come to the top. After all, who doesn’t love an underdog success story, right?

Our Values


Transparency and Readiness

Our processes are simple and our strategies are no rocket science. We work by finding loopholes and using them to our advantage. Our communication is transparent so that a layman could read and understand well.


Solutions That Matter

What good is a solution if you don't need it in the first place? Our team helps identify the right problems and helps in developing solutions on-the-go for your business. Our solutions are based on identifying the root cause that caused it in the first place.

Simple and Accurate Strategies

We don't like complicating things. We also don't like using fancy words. What we do like, is forming simple strategies that get the work done. Why should you overwork and overspend when it can be done in a much easier, stress-free way?


Dedication To Commitment

We promise our full dedication to committing our full efforts to everything that you need and require, and everything we promise you we will achieve. Our commitment is surpassed only by our achievements, and our long list of clients can help you understand the nature and quality of work that we do.