3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Use Digital Marketing

3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Use Digital Marketing

Just like everything else in the world, marketing is also moving towards being more digital. Almost every search for a service or product begins with a search engine, be it for a B2B or B2C market. Almost 95% of the customers in a B2B market make use of the Internet for their product research. Similarly, many businesses go online to find a potential supplier. 

This tells you a lot about where you can find your potential customers. So if more than nine out of ten B2B customers conduct research online, it may be time for you to use digital marketing. This will help your customers find you online and help them learn more about what you offer.

Digital Marketing is vital for a business in this age to thrive. It elevates your market reach, attracts and retains customers, and increases the average sale of existing customers. All of this is far better than traditional marketing methods. However, when we talk about the manufacturing industry, they don’t spend a large percentage of their budget on marketing. Although with the help of digital marketing, they can do a lot more with just eight percent of what they do spend. 

Here are three reasons why manufacturers shouldn’t hesitate to invest in digital marketing.

Audience Reach

Digital marketing has the ability to increase your audience reach economically and allows you to monitor the ROI of those marketing efforts. In traditional marketing, your audience reach is limited to people who receive phone calls and marketing material. In short, the number of people is you reach out to is very limited. In addition, those materials are highly ineffective in creating two-way communication with your target audience. All in all, traditional marketing is all about finding information on your customers and marketing the product to them, whether they are looking for the said product or not. 

While on the other hand, digital marketing helps your customers find you so that you can directly market to them when they are ready to purchase your product. Additionally, digital content can be promoted and distributed via paid and unpaid mediums, such as pay-per-click, social media, and SEO. Plus, unlike traditional marketing, you can reach out to an unlimited amount of people with lower costs.

Content Creation

When you hire inbound marketing services in Houston, you will be able to create meaningful and engaging content with their help. This content will help you educate and build trust with your target market. In addition to that, creative content will invite potential customers in and compel them to buy your product.

You can create different types of content for multiple platforms. For example, audio-visual content like live streaming, podcasts, and videos, text-based content like blog posts and articles, or images like photos, infographics, and GIFs. 

One piece of content can be used across multiple platforms to engage with as much audience as possible. You can resize, repackage, or change it completely in order to fit it into various promotional vehicles, including email campaigns, social media posts, presentations, and sales collateral. 

Measure Digital Marketing ROI

Traditional marketing had its limitation, one of which was the inability to measure its return on investment. When you mail thousands of postcard to the targeted audience, how do your determine if they have generated enough business to cover development, printing, and distribution costs it incurred? Well, to put it simply, you can’t.

On the other hand, digital marketing’s ROI can be measured easily with the help of a variety of performance tools. Each customer’s interaction with your content is recorded and can be analyzed. This way, you can determine the performance of that marketing piece and adjust it accordingly. 

In conclusion, digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing in every way. It allows you to expand your market reach while targeting a much narrower audience in a more effective and economical way. Plus, you have the means to measure the performance of your marketing technique along with the ability to change anything that isn’t working as you hoped. 

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