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Inbound and Growth Marketing

Build a scalable sales and marketing system that align with your goals and resonates with your prospects.


Inbound Consulting

As one of the best inbound marketing companies, our goal is to provide effective inbound marketing consulting. Have you been able to evaluate your business and customers properly? We always ensure you don’t miss the big picture. Using a customized implementation, we will help you see all the insights needed to figure out all opportunities and subsequently plan the next steps.


Performance Marketing

We believe it is essential to create digital marketing channels that work well by highlighting synergies. Get connected with us to identify all the crucial moments in your customer’s lifecycle. This will further help in the creation of segments for proper audience-led marketing.


Optimizing The Conversion Rates

We make and implement optimization and customization roadmaps to enhance the user experience of your website and applications. The main objective is to create a significant impact on your business.


Email Automation

With open rates getting too low and emails flooding into spam, the vast majority have stopped believing in the potential of email marketing.
Here at Technorica, we work with a lifecycle marketing philosophy. Our inbound marketing services can manage and optimize the most profitable channel in digital marketing. The ultimate goal is to activate your CRM audiences on all possible channels.

Professional Seo Agency

SEO Consulting

Our SEO servicesaren’t just confined to technical optimization and initial audits. Our team will also consult you in matters relating to content marketing and data architecture.
As a reputable inbound marketing agency, we aim to increase visibility by providing lasting results. These results come from actions that improve your visitors’ experience, both on and off the website.

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Inbound Philosophy

Targeting And Segmentation Strategy

Customization is the key to success. We differentiate ourselves from the industry by acknowledging the differing needs of every clients. Our experts provide full consultation to every client and proceed by leveraging business intelligence analyses to identify actionable segments and then make all campaign plans based on an audience-oriented foundation.


Creating Different Campaigns

We will provide you with KPIs for every campaign. The communication strategy will depend on what the particular campaign wants to achieve. Our team will then work to ensure that the campaign plan aligns with your business goals. With the help of attribution modeling approaches, we figure out how campaigns work in today’s digital world and get a better ROI on marketing activities.


Synergies Between Channels

To create a commendable user experience, all the channels must work together. Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email programming, on-site personalization, or any other channel, we will manage all the channels at once and evaluate their influence on your business and towards the target audience with a holistic approach.

Hubspot Agency Partners

Thinking of ways to refine and improve your processes? Get the easy-to-use HubSpot CRM, and you’ll never have to create reports again manually. The CRM will provide you automatic updates and inform you on how your team is working.

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